Please Support Me and the Boston Marathon MDSC Team

Dear Friends of DADs, I am a new member of the organization and a relatively new
parent.  My son Chase was born back in July with Down Syndrome and it has changed
my life.  At first we were devastated, not knowing what to expect. However, as each
day went by, we became increasingly excited and accepting of his differences. On the
day Chase was born, we were prepared and madly in love with this little bundle of
joy. To us, he is perfect.
The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress was instrumental in helping us bridge
the gap from fear and worry to love and happiness. The MDSC provided resources
to help us understand and prepare for what lie ahead. Their support was second to none.
Please help me return the favor and support this valuable resource by endorsing me in
my quest to complete the Boston Marathon in two weeks.
The training has been tough but I feel more prepared than ever.  This past weekend
I completed our final long run of 21 miles.  There were times along the way that I 
felt like giving up but I kept thinking about Chase and other families like ours.
Overall, Chase is doing well.  He's eating like a champ and is itching to sit on his
own.  His personality is starting to take shape and his smile is second to none.
I'm looking forward to you meeting him if you haven't already.
If you wish to donate simply follow this link.  As you may or may not know, this will
be the last year for the MDSC as a charity of the Boston Marathon. They're hoping 
to make this year the best.  
I'd love to see you all at the race but realize that's not possible.  So take a moment 
on April 18th and think about me as I square off against the Kenyans and Heartbreak
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Your Friends,
Jason, Amy and Chase